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Wilder Remodel
Wilder Remodel


We at Bluegrass Commercial Group, LLC offer a wide selection of construction services, contingent upon the customer’s needs. From Design/Build and Construction Management to General Construction and Pre-Construction Services, we strive to provide complete customer satisfaction. We will deliver a high quality building project.

DESIGN/BUILD – Using a turnkey approach we are able to take a project from initial Planning and Design, through Estimating and Permits, to a finished Project in the shortest possible time. The Owner contracts with one entity, thus ensuring a single source of responsibility.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT – We are also open to delivering construction services by acting as the Owner’s agent or manager of the building process for a fee and open to many different fee options. It is our desire to proved expert help to the Owner in their selection of architects, engineers and/or subcontractors who will actually complete the work.

GENERAL CONSTRUCTION – As determined by you, we can deliver your building project through the more traditional “Design-Bid-Build” or “Plan and spec” approach to contracting. Here the Owner contracts separately for design and construction services. Drawings and specifications are prepared by an independent design firm under separate contract with the Owner. The Owner makes the completed drawings and specifications available to general contractors, who then prepare and submit a complete “Hard Dollar” bid for the project. This “Design-Bid-Build” or “Plan and Spec” approach is a sequential process where one phase is completed before the next phase begins, often lengthening the overall building delivery process.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION SERVICES – Project planning: Define the Scope of Work, Establish Overall Budgets, Establish Overall Schedules Site Selection and Analysis: Site accessibility, Site Build ability, Utility Analysis, Zoning and Building Code Review/Compliance – Conceptual Design (site and building) Establish size and footprint of building, establish building style /character and quality, establish on-site vehicle and pedestrian requirements.

RESIDENTIAL - We can build homes throughout Northern Kentucky and greater Cincinnati oh your own lot or property. We are well versed in and can anticipate the unique needs of all of our customers for a new home or interior remodel.